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Hello, my name is Mohammed Zedane from the Al-Zalabieh Bedouin tribe in Wadi Rum. My family has lived in the desert for generations and we're happy to now introduce tourists to our beautiful landscape and ancient traditions.


We have several Bedouin tents made of 100% goat hair that are both windproof and waterproof. We generate electricity at the camp via solar panels in order to ensure that hot water and electricity are always available, allowing you to intertwine comfort and authenticity.


We welcome you to join us in our beautiful desert and experience all that there is to see. We offer a variety of tours and accomodations, so hopefully you will find exactly what you are looking for! If you do not see exactly what you want, send us an email through our contact form and we will be happy to try to design a trip just for you!



Our camp is located in the protected desert in UmSabata area one of the best places to view sunset in Wadi Rum. We have one of only a few official licenses from the government of Jordan to run a camp in the protected area.
There is a small hill behind the camp that can be climbed up to view both the sunset and sunrise daily. Also you can walk to the white desert which is 700m away and can be seen clearly from our camp. There is a spectacular view of Jebel Qattar from the camp.
We are 11km from Rum Village and can be reached by foot around a 2.5hr walk, 4WD jeep 25m or camel 2hr.
We strongly suggest you don't try to walk to camp on your 1st day arriving in Wadi Rum as the area is large and although the walk is straight forward there is greater chance of you losing your bearings on the 1st day. If you want a beautiful, free walk we recommend you to walk from the camp to the village in the morning when you plan to leave Wadi Rum. We suggest this because at the end of your stay you will understand your location in relation to Rum Village. For this walk you need to walk through the valley of the moon for 11km.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Mohammed Zedane Al-zalabieh

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