220 Food Quest

General statements dealing with several aspects of food gathering.

Before the people lived not only in Wadi Rum but also in greener areas where they could grow wheat, they made flour and also had enough produce even for their animals. Then they would return to Wadi Rum after the harvest.

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221 Annual Cycle

seasonal migrations in the gathering of food

In the spring time they move to the desert when there is more grass but when the grass gets dry some Bedouins come back the the village. Some remain in the desert for all their life.

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222 Collecting

Edible materials gathered (e.g., roots, fruits, seeds, seaweed, insects, honey, sap, syrup, eggs); techniques and artifacts employed; economic importance of collecting; organization of activities; division of products; associated beliefs and practices; etc.

Oak twigs/branches are used crushing and boiling it, then place it inside goats skin. The goats skin is better preserved with less holes when making butter from the goat.

They mix leaves from thyme plant with oil and eat it with bread.

There are many kinds of plants such as: wild fig and sorrel that are collected and eaten.

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223 Fowling

Birds sought; methods and techniques

Falcons are very sought after and can be trained to hunt birds and rabbits easily. The people also like to show off with this bird as it is very expensive. The Falcon can be caught using a pigeon or other birds the falcon likes to eat. They connect a rope to the pigeons back and when the falcon tries to eat the pigeon the Falcon is trapped in a special knot. This is normally done in flat areas and happens in October and November with the bird migration.

Mohammed Zedane 8/12/2013 8:53pm


Traditional Bedouin Music with Lute and Rababa
Local Bedouin Food in Wadi Rum Jordan
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