Wadi Rum Camp
Wadi Rum Desert Camping Jordan
Wadi Rum Canyon Tour Jordan
Wadi Rum Rock Bridges Tour Jordan
Wadi Rum Jebel Qattar Tour Jordan
Wadi Rum Bedouin Culture Jordan
Wadi Rum Wildlife Jordan
Wadi Rum Visitor Center Jordan
Rum Village Wadi Rum Jordan
Jordan Arab Revolt Wadi Rum
jebel burdah
Wadi Rum Full Day Jeep Tour Jordan
Royal Aerosports club of Jordan
Wadi Rum Camp

20JD per person includes    dinner, breakfast and transport

Desert Camping

30JD per person includes dinner, breakfast and transport

Canyon Tour 

Hike many beautfiul canyons in Wadi Rum for 1 day

Rock Bridge Tour

Climb Jebel Burdah, Little Bridge, Um Frouth Rock Bridge and more!

Jebel Qatar Petroglyph Tour

Combine hiking with history walking and searching for ancient inscriptions at the same time.

Jebel Burdah
Wadi Rum Jeep Tour 

choose from 2 hours to full day tours

Wadi Rum Ride a Camel
Jebel Rum
Jebel Rum

Suitable only for climbers, we guide you to the top.

Jebel Um Adaami
Wadi Rum Hiking Tours
Wadi Rum Hiking Tours
Wadi Rum Hiking Tours
Desert Hiking Trekking
Camel Trekking

Learn about the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan

Below you will find all you need to know about visiting Wadi Rum! Here's your guide for everything you may want to know from local history and traditions, to sample trips, arts, and local wildlife.
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