Wadi Rum FAQ

A list of commonly asked questions  for Wadi  Rum
If you have a question and don't see it here, please reach out and ask us any questions you may have about your visit to Wadi Rum!


Is there a hot shower and toilet?

We have solar water heaters so it is warmer in the the middle of the day with the sun, at other times it will be warm and then at night cooler. We have western and eastern womens and mens toilets.

Can i use my bank card to pay for the holiday at your office? And is there a bank in Wadi Rum?

We have wifi and you can pay online if you would like to. And there are no banks in Wadi Rum.

Are there dangers i should know about?

We have scorpians and snakes and other wild animals in the desert. We dont see them often but they are around. Also sometimes we have problems with local unofficial guides trying to steal tourists at the visitor centre. It is best to ring us when your coming so we can come and meet you.

Do we meet you at the Visitor Centre or Rum Village?

You need to meet us at the visitor centre 6km before Rum Village.

How can i find your office?

In Rum village there are no street signs so it is easiest to ring us and we will come and meet you. 

How much is the entrance ticket fee to Wadi Rum?

The entrance ticket fee is 5JD per person. It can be purchased at the visitor centre. You will be given a ticket and a map of Wadi Rum Protected Area.

Can i buy water easily?

Yes next to our office there is a small shop and it sells water and other basic things.

I dont want a tour just accommodation, will it cost me additional money to get to your camp?

To get to our camp without a tour costs 10JD per person or there is one free lift to camp each day between 3pm and 4pm. 

Is there buses to Aqaba from Wadi Rum and buses from Aqaba to Wadi Rum?

There is a daily bus to Aqaba from Rum Village at 5.30-6.30am it costs 3JD.

There is a daily bus from Aqaba to Rum Village at 12pm-1pm for 3JD leaving from Aqaba bus station which is next to a police station and around 800m up from the post office.

Do you have electricity in your camp so i can charge my camera,phone or laptop?

Yes we have power sockets in each tent so you can charge your electrical devices. It comes from our solar energy.

Why should i come to Wadi Rum?

Wadi Rum is dual listed by Unesco World Heritage. For its 45,000 cultural inscriptions and its natural beauty of the desert and sandstone.

Is Wadi Rum suitable for children?

Yes we make sure your children are safe and have alot of fun.

Can i take a bus to Petra in the morning or from Petra to your office?

Yes there is a local tourist bus that runs daily. It will take you from our office to Petra at 845am daily for 7JD or from Petra at 6am to our office arriving at 8.30am daily for 7JD also.

Can i park my car in the village?

Yes we have parking places outside our office with security cameras.

Can you organise transport to my next destination?

Yes we can book a taxi for you to anywhere in Jordan and to the borders for a competitve price.

Can i share my tour with other tourists to make the cost lower?

Yes you can if you the other tourists are happy to join with you.

Will i be warm enough in the desert at night?

The desert weather can change quickly. We suggest you should bring a warm jacket, glooves and beanie. Bringing nice sleeping bag with you is optional depending on your preference. We have gas heaters, warm blankets and wood fire.

Can i buy alcohol or snacks in your camp?

We dont serve alcohol but you may bring your own and enjoy it here. We have snacks to purchase and tea/coffee.

Can i walk around Wadi Rum independently?

Yes you can explore Wadi Rum independently, however there is a strong change you will get lost and disorientated easily. If you choose this option we strongly advise you to have your own GPS machine with our camp and office co-ordinates entered in. Also mobile phone reception is not available in many areas of Wadi Rum desert. 

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